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Elect Larry Ortega for Pomona City Council District 3

Vision...for Pomona


Embrace Opportunity and Work to Solve Challenges

Food Security

More Community Farming

We must make a commitment of greater farming use of open, and underutilized spaces. Pomona once was the breadbasket to the world; in returning to our roots by growing and feeding Pomona’s families high nutrient, locally grown greens, dual outcomes are achieved: A healthier Pomona, coupled with expanded economic opportunity through a locally grown food market. Local farming solutions include hydroponic growing, and expansion of community gardens. I will explore how the city can play a greater role in facilitating farm-to-table local solutions to ensure Pomona’s future food security needs.

Fiber-Up My Neighborhood:

My background is in technology, innovation and training. My decades of experience has brought me to my most recent endeavor which seeks to bring fiber-optic connectivity to the Internet (the best technology has to offer) to all residents and businesses in Pomona. Municipal broadband models of high-speed (500mbps – 1gigabit per second, symmetrical) Internet, at affordable rates ($25-$50) exist throughout the country. There is no good reason why we too (Pomona) can’t have the same. Municipally-owned broadband creates an additional revenue stream for the city, while offering high quality access at affordable rates.

Relationship building between community and law enforcement

I believe in greater engagement between law enforcement and community via convenings outside of crisis moments. I wish to explore how having law enforcement hear, on a regular basis and in a structured environment, proposed solutions by community; where too, law enforcement can share how community can help them.

Pomona's Open For Business

I believe small tweaks to our economic policy can make huge differences in meeting the needs of our businesses and community members. Policy on focusing our institutional purchasing powers, e.g. hospitals, schools, city and colleges to prioritize their annual spends with Pomona-based businesses is an economic imperative; given that hundreds of millions of dollars are spent by these institutions annually. If we could recycle just 10% of these annual spends to our local businesses, we could create more local employment opportunity for our youth; put more police on the streets; and invest in programs to impact crime in our neighborhoods.

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Elect Larry Ortega to Pomona City Council - District 3

Because Pomona deserves the very best technology has to offer... At the most affordable rates...

A cohort of professionals, have graciously indulged my crazy idea that all residents and businesses in Pomona should be connected to the Internet via fiber-optics.  With now thousands of volunteer hours invested, this cohort of professionals e.g. school district board members, college trustees, digital literacy leaders from national workers unions and other business and non-profit leaders have poised the City of Pomona to secure an initial planning grant (money).  This team of volunteers have committed to erasing the digital divide in Pomona, once and for all, through a vision I casted., and they embraced.  Team work!  TOGETHER WE WILL!

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